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"We hired Steve to inspect two different homes that we purchased. Steve is thorough and diligent. He gave us feedback on the current state of the home as well as things to watch out for going forward. I felt like he approached the home inspection as if one of his own kids was buying the house. We appreciated him so much the first time, we hired him again. That says a lot."

​ Kyla and Alex B

Steve is, hands down, a great inspector.  He performs the majority of my clients' inspections.  As a large-volume realtor in the area, I completely trust him with my clients.  He does a great job informing buyers about the process and also about their new home.  He is very thorough and actually cares.   Steve is straightforward and has great communication skills.  His construction industry experience allows him to not only identify the problem, but will also educate the client why the problem happened and how to prevent further issues.  The detailed report often enables me to help my clients negotiate concessions to the purchase price for their new home. 

John Bissman
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