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  • What is included in a whole house inspection?
    At ALH Home Inspections your inspection includes an inspection of the entire house - top to bottom. The report will include a top-to-bottom report with many photos and will be emailed to both you and your realtor the same day as the inspection.
  • When will I get the report?
    With very rare exceptions, you will get the PDF report the same day as the inspection. If you have elected to have a radon test complete, that information will be available after the 48 hour test. Depending upon the timing of your inspection that could be before or after the day of the inspection.
  • Who gets a copy of the inspection report?
    I work for you. So if you are the Buyer, only you and your agent will receive a copy of the report. You may choose to share any portions of the report you would like with the seller. If you are the Seller and we are doing a pre-sale inspection, the report is for your use as you desire. And rest assured, I will not accept a request to inspect your home on behalf of a potential buyer.
  • Can I be there?
    Absolutely. Not only can you be there, I encourage you to walk along-side me during the inspection. You are welcome to tag-along everywhere except the roof and the attic.
  • I am out of town and I can't be there - how does that work?
    While being present for the inspection is best, we work with many buyers who are unable to be at the inspection. Rest assured we will perform the same detailed inspection, provide you with a full report full of photographs and arrange for a phone call to review the findings with you.
  • Who arranges access to the home?
    As an associate member of the Cincinnati Board of Realtors, if the home is listed in the MLS Steve will schedule the inspection directly with the seller and access the home using the same Multiple Listing Service lockbox system as your Realtor. If the home is 'For Sale By Owner' Steve will contact the seller to arrange access.
  • Does my Realtor need to be there?
    No, as a member of the Board of Realtors I can access the property. Of course, your agent is more than welcome to be there if you would like.
  • Will the home owner leave?
    Most home owners chose to leave during the home inspection. This is my preference as this allows free communication between us during the inspection process. Of course, we cannot require the home owner to leave and some feel more comfortable or for other reasons stay in the home during the inspection. If this is the case, we may need to have a longer discussion at the end of the inspection going over the results outside of the hearing of the seller.
  • How much does a whole house inspection cost?
    We pride ourselves in offering quality home inspections for a fair price. We likely won't be the cheapest quote you receive, but will be very competitive for the quality of inspection. We also offer discounts for veterans - just ask.
  • Do you offer repair services or referrals for repairs?
    We believe that being unbiased is critical to serving our clients. We do not offer repair services or make referrals for repairs. We also don't pay to be on a list or be recommended - our recommendations come based upon the quality of our services.
  • Are you licensed?
    Yes, in Ohio home inspectors are required to be licensed.
  • Will you inspect a commercial space?
    Yes, I am happy to inspect the new home for your business.
  • Do you inspect apartments or multi-family homes?
    Yes! Depending upon the size apartment buildings or multi family homes may take longer for the inspection. We also work closely with the seller arrange for access to all of the units.
  • Can you tell me what the house is worth?
    A home inspection is not intended to provide the value of a home. For that you will need an appraiser who will use market conditions and other factors to provide you and your lender the current market value of the home.
  • Do you include a structural inspection?
    No. If I identify outward signs of structural movement in the home, those items will be pointed out in the report with a recommendation for inspection by a structural engineer.
  • Will you inspect for mold?
    The whole-house inspection is a visual inspection of the entire envelope of the house. If mold is visually indicted it will be noted in the report with photos and a recommendation for further review by a qualified mold specialist.
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