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ALH Home Inspections is ready to help you with your new home purchase or preparing for the sale of your house.  We offer full whole house inspections that include a top to bottom inspection (inside and out), with a termite (wood destroying insect) inspection and report for free. You will get a multipage report with photos the same day.  Learn why we are different, and schedule your inspection today.

Whether you’re a first time buyer or this is your retirement home, I’m here to provide you with an honest inspection and review of your new home. No matter what sort of property you’re looking for, I’ll provide expert, caring and candid advice to assist you in what will be one of the most important transactions of your life. That’s my professional commitment to you.

Preparing to sell your home can be stressful. I am here to help. A whole house inspection will outline those items a potential buyer may find.  You will be in a position to make repairs in advance and demand top dollar for your home.

Insects can destroy your home. Most mortgage companies will require a Wood Destroying Insect report before closing. At ALH Home Inspections, we include this free as part of your whole house inspection. 


Radon is a colorless odorless gas found in the earth. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.   Radon has been found in homes all across the United States and is common in the Greater Cincinnati area.

After over a decade in the construction industry, Steve decided to leave the road warrior life-style behind and help home buyers and sellers. Since 2012 Steve has been serving buyers and sellers in the Greater Cincinnati Area as a trusted home inspector.  


Why choose ALH Home Inspections?

  • Steve will be your inspector, no employee or trainee assigned to your job. Steve grew up on the West side of Cincinnati, has lived in West Chester and now lives in Morrow.   Steve knows Cincinnati.

  • Same day electronic Inspection Report, including pictures of our findings.  Steve personally writes every report, not someone from a home office. Radon reports take 48 hours for the radon level readings, but we won't hold up your report, we will pass the results along just as soon as we get them. 

  • You will get a thorough inspection. As long as physically possible Steve will walk the roof and enter the attic and crawl space. Appliances will be operated. Windows will be inspected and a representative number of outlets and fixtures will be checked.

  • You are welcome to tag-along. We encourage you to be part of the inspection. Other than the roof and attic space, you are encouraged to walk with Steve so he can point out his findings as he goes. If you aren't able to do that, you are welcome to come at the end or set up a phone call to review his findings.

  • Generally, we only schedule two inspections per day. You don't have to worry about your inspection getting short-cut to make the next appointment on time. 

  • We are not here to scare you. We are simply going to point out the issues we find. Our job is to make sure you know what you are buying.

  • We don't pay to be recommended by any realtor and we don't recommend after-market or repair services. We want you to know our opinion is independent and not influenced by others. 

  • Whether this is your first home or one of many investments, a Little House or a Lotta House, we will treat you like family.

  • Steve is a certified Residential Building Inspector and a member of ASHI, and an associate member of the Greater Cincinnati Realtor board.

  • We are fully insured and licensed in Ohio. (OH lic. 2019006385)

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